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The club is indebted to photographer Ray O’Donoghue, who has taken the vast majority of pictures that appear on this site and in the clubhouse. Over the years, Ray has turned out come sun, rain or snow, to capture Hercules Wimbledon athletes in action on the track, road and cross country.

His own running career began in 1960 and spans every distance from 800m to the marathon. He ran second claim for Hercules Wimbledon, and in total completed some eighteen marathons – including New York twice. With him on the plane to the 1979 New York Marathon was Chris Brasher, on a fact finding mission with a view to staging a similar event in London. “The rest”, as Ray says, “is history.” Fittingly Ray ran his last major race in the London Marathon (right) at the age of 43.

A stickler for hard work, even with a full time job and a family he often trained two or three times a day. “My regular mileage was around 60 miles a week, but I often ran over 100 miles and that is as far back as 1973”, he says, “ so I was up there with the Kenyans in that direction!”

If you would like to buy one of Ray’s prints, or a DVD of some of the recent races he has filmed, you can contact him here.


Hercules Wimbledon AC on the charge in 2011, as captured by Ray (above) and
below, an atmospheric shot of Martin Miller from 2006


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